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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the hospital, injured during a chase. officers were hot on the trail of several dirt bikes in north philadelphia. tonight that officer is at hahnemann hospital. you arrived on the scene just as the injured officer was taken away. >> reporter: that's right. and she was in a lot of pain tonight. she's here at the hospital. police will not say the extent of her injuries but we have learned she's in stable condition. we were there as female philadelphia police officer was put into an ambulance at third and allegheny avenue. the officer was responding to a police pursuit. that started with what officers
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thought sounded like gunshots in the 2,000 block of justin street. officers saw men on dirt bikes taking off in different directions. >> they cut in front of all those cars and he shot down this way. >> reporter: you mean like driving? >> yeah he drove really fast and he came down allegheny avenue. >> reporter: one man was corned by police at third and allegheny. another man was stopped at front and gurny street. you see his bike laying in the middle of the street. officers did not fire any shots and they did not find any guns. >> it's just stuff that shouldn't be happening. yet it's happening every single day. >> reporter: another dirt bike was found on fifth and erie streets but it was abandoned. investigators say that one man being questioned said his dirt bike backfired which would explain the sound that officers heard. investigators also say that four officers involved in this are
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also being questioned. they never actually laid eyes on a shooter. reporting live in center city. nbc10 news. >> and more breaking news tonight. a 2-year-old is the in the hospital right now after being run over by a car and the police think the driver did not know he even hit somebody. an nbc viewer sent us this vehicle. police tell us this area was packed with children today, playing in the warm weather. now police were actually in the area at another call when someone ran over to tell them a child was struck. now police think because the boy is so small the driver did not know he hit him and just kept driving. police are looking for a black toyota 4runner driven by a man with gray hair and wearing sunglasses. if you know anything you're asked to call am bler police. >> and more breaking news up to four teenagers are shot in west philadelphia. it happened near 56th and market
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streets around 9:15 tonight. it appears the victims may have been walking home from a party at the time. all four had been taken to the hospital and we're working to find out now about their conditions. new at 11:00 about 20 people are out of their homes tonight after this fire at a bucks county apartment complex. the red cross is helping those people tonight. the fire quickly spread through one of the buildings at the lakeview terrace apartments in fair is hills. the fire marshal is working to figure out what started this fire. no one was hurt. now to our warm weather tonight. a live look at a busy center city. we almost set a record today and we are in store for another beauty tomorrow. let's get the most accurate forecast with nbc meteorologist erika martin. >> allentown 67 you actually matched the record set back in 2011, 67 degrees.
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current temperatures right now mainly in the 50s. a few upper 40s but philadelphia currently at 53 degrees and atlantic city 57. we are trending warm through tomorrow. here is your temperature trend. it looks like we're going to top out in the upper 60s again. 54 on monday. we get cooler by tuesday, 50 but then we climb right back up into the mid to upper 60s by the following thursday. i do have your most accurate forecast and what to expect for your sunny sunday. back to you. tonight president trump rallied around his campaign promises as he stood before thousands of people in florida. it was not an official white house event but the president laid out his plan for the future. >> the president of the united states. >> president trump stepped into an airplane hanger, supporters numbered in the thousands.
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>> you've seen what beef accomplished in a very short period of time. the white house is running so smoothly. so smoothly. and believe me, i and we inherited one big mess. >> four weeks in office and his make america great again rally mirrored his rallies in the run up to election day with promises of change to health care, taxes, crime and america's southern border. >> but i know that you want safe neighborhoods where the streets belong to families and communities, not gang members and drug dealers who are right now as i speak being thrown out of the country and they will not be let back in. >> the president sounded off about obamacare. >> we are going to be submitting in a couple of weeks a great health care plan that's going to take the place of the disaster known as obamacare. >> and he slammed the news media
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for telling so-called lies about his administration. >> when the media lies to people, i will never, ever let them get away with it. >> president trump plans to interview at least four potential candidates tomorrow to be his national security adviser. he's scrambling to feel the vacation left by the firing of michael flynn last week. senator john mccain defended the media. that without the free press that's how dictators get started and even he says he's not always fond of the media. >> i hate the press, i hate you, especially but the fact is we need you. we need a free press. we must have it. it's vital. >> watch meet the press tomorrow morning at 10:30 for the executive interview with senator john mccain and an exclusive interview with lee on pa netta.
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new at 11:00 one person is dead in a stabbing tonight in atlantic city. police telling us a man and a woman were stabbed on north harrisburg avenue just off ventnor avenue. officers are not sure which victim died. the prosecutors office is handle the case. ready to go, tonight what's next for the shuttle scrubbed just seconds before liftoff. and marching to the beat. there they go a perfect day for the mummers. >> coming up in sports villanova hard to lose when you hit 67% and sets a big east record in the process and the night before the nba all-star game, reserved for the slam dunk competition. look it's a bird, it's a plane or it's just a drone doing it's part.
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tonight giant food stores are he removing for sar gen tow cheese products. they include shredded nach choe and taco cheese and there's a threat of list tearia for a full list of that recall, come to ♪ more than three hours and still going strong, penn state's annual fund raiser continues tonight. the 46 hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon raises money to fight childhood cancer. about 16,000 students are taking part this year. last year it raised about $10 million. spacex launch has been rescheduled for the morning. last minute problems forced spacex to scrap today's planned launch just 13 seconds before liftoff. the unmanned rocket is carrying supplies for the international space station. the spacex is going for its first florida launch since a rocket explosion last summer. next at 11:00 a baseball stars slammed governor chris christie and taking the plunge, perfect weather to take a dip in the ocean. >> we have another warm day on tap sunday temperatures actually warmer than today. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit. see you then. dear fellow citizen,
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a new exhibit is shining a light on the 75th anniversary of the presidential executive order
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that forced japanese americans into internment camps. up rooted opened today. the traveling exhibit focuses on farm labor camps during world war ii. she was born in a camp in idaho and considering the current political climate now is the perfect time for people to see this exhibition. >> in 1942, there weren't enough people who stood up and said stop that, but today i think there are a lot of people as witnessed by all the protests at the airports and the activism. >> the exhibition is in town through march 9th. ♪ the mummers took over manayunk for their third annual mummers mardi gras parade. they strutted up and down main
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street antiweather couldn't have been better. today's sunshine gave fans another reason to love the parade. >> the music, the colors, the tradition, the philly tradition that people around the country just do not get, so that's what i love about it. >> today's event is a fund raiser for the mummers new year's day parade. the air was warm today but the atlantic still very cold as these people found out. near record temperatures brought out a big crowds for sea isle cities for autism charities. and those who plunge got a great day down the shore. what is in store for your sunday? let's go to erika martin. >> another great day on tap just in time for your sunday to kick off the following week. we love it. a live look outside. it is gorgeous. mostly clear skies, a couple of clouds farther south for
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delaware simply because we're picking up on some upper level moisture but our weather headlines include warm overnight lows with nice southwesterly winds. in fact, our overnight lows are going to match or equal what our normal highs are for this time of the year, pretty impressive. sunday we could break some records out there with temperatures topping out in the upper 60s and on monday cooler breezy but dry. temperatures still above normal. lots of mid-to upper 50s a wider perspective here. picking up on some upper level moisture, a weak low pressure system that was hovering over the tennessee valley. it won't effect us except we are getting a couple of clouds just coming up to our area. our conditions are high and dry. you can see those clouds but a really great night across the entire delaware valley. and turnt temperatures mainly in
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the 50s. allentown 47 degrees, coatesville 54, 53 for wilmington along with philadelphia. today's high temperature in philadelphia 68 degrees just one degrees shy of 69. that was our record high back in 2011 and the, well, sunset 5:40 p.m. so a really nice day all around. i certainly hoped you enjoyed it and stayed outside as long as possible. here's why we have all this warm air coming into place. that warmer flow kicking right back into our area so the great news is this will stay around at least through monday and a cold front sweeps on down from the northwest and we do have cooler air on tap. temperature trend from yesterday, 24 hour difference. vineland 3 degrees cooler or warmer than it was yesterday at the same time. 24 for atlantic city, wilmington 22 and allentown along with philadelphia 19 degrees warmer at this same time. impressive to say the least.
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overnight lows will be in the 40s. wilmington 47, dover at 48, vineland 42 degrees but still bundle up because these temperatures are still pretty chilly. now tomorrow's high temperatures seeing lots of 60s for the lehigh valley. we'll see a break in those clouds so late afternoon we may see totally sunny skies but i'm still going with a mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow. mount airy 64, that's your expected high temperature. haddonfield 68 and glassboro 66 degrees. i have your ten on ten coming up. >> announcer: this is sports desk. >> the villanova wildcats could clink at least a tie for their four consecutive regular season title. no school had ever won more than three in a row.
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pit and uconthe winners to win three straight. under 3 minutes to go in the half, rodriguez pulling up from three that cuts the villanova lead to one, but finishing the half on 11-1. 18 before halftime for him. second half, sharing is caring, building bridges. 22 to one run to bridge the half. ten assists this one back out to chris jenkins we know he's good from there. villanova wins 92-70. the coach liking what he's seeing from the scene. >> we've improved in a lot of areas. that was the best we played all year. we squandered some leads this year and did a really good job today against a really good team. >> rolly mass minno they led the
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wildcats to the first championship. chris weber was also named a finalist. they will be announced at the final four in april. la salle hosting st. joe's out of the gate in a hurry. jumper here, splits la salle up, 13 let's than nine minutes into the game. one of his five these, drexel hosting elan first half. brian dau kin not that one, elan's brian daukins. drexel outscored 32 to 18 in the half. they never recovered. >> the controversy of you got to believe, that slogan continues both the mets and phillies are claiming it. both the phillies and their fans, millville native mike trout was asked about the controversy and reminded us of
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christie's football loyalty. >> i think he's a cowboys fan. i'm sorry to hear that, so. >> phillies have an angry, bitter fan base. >> they're just passionate. they want them to win. >> so you don't take personal. >> no. nope. >> trout carrying the phillies cause. it's the eve of the nba all-star game that means it's time for the slam dunk competition. preliminary round was dominated by the suns derek jones junior diving over four people here. there's more where that came from. >> taking this one off the side of the backboard and that is a nice between the legs dunk but he was upset in the finals but glenn robin san and the reverse that earned him a perfect score of 50 and the slam dunk title. that's sport. we'll be right back.
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final check on the forecast and what a lovely day today. more to tomorrow. >> i think we're going to get spoiled. this is definitely great weather. we saw 68 degrees. everybody get on outside and enjoy the day. we cool down by tuesday a chance of rain tuesday into wednesday but we need it and maybe some rain next saturday but look at this. we climb right back up into the 60s. >> i can't believe nearly 70 degrees tomorrow. >> isn't this wild? >> that could be record breaking or record matching. we could hit 69 degrees a record high is 68 degrees so of course we'll track that for you very closely. >> today we just missed it by one degree. >> that's it. >> thank you so much. and thanks for joining us. for all of us here. snl is next.
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